Health and Safety

Guidelines for Wairarapa Racing Club Motorhome and Caravan Park

  1. Please sign in and out on arrival and departure. You will find a visitor book beside the entrance billboard at the front of the park.
  2. Entrance and Exit signs are clearly marked. The main entrance can be used for entering and leaving the Motorhome/Caravan parking area. There is a second exit (marked) halfway down the park boundary fence which will take you out on to the racecourse road where you can turn left and vacate the property.
  3. The park is completely fenced and users are advised to stay within the boundaries which are shown on the billboard at the front of the park.
  4. Should users venture outside of the gates for a walk, please be aware of the following potential hazards
  • There are many trees in the grounds of Tauherenikau. Please be watchful for falling branches and debris.
  • Please stay on the roads and do not venture into bushed areas for your own safety.
  • Tauherenikau is a race course and horses are domiciled and trained on course. All stable areas are off bounds as is the race course proper.
  • Horses are trained in the mornings and viewing can be seen from the park but no persons allowed close to the track at any time.
  • All buildings outside of the park boundary are off limits.
  • When driving in and out of the park please be aware that it is a requirement to drive slowly and note there are speed bumps on both sides of the park entrance.
  • CSC vehicles only allowed to stay overnight. Toilets are available for use only in the event of a system breakdown in your van.
  • Should you have children with you please ensure you make them aware of the Health and Safety matters required onsite and ensure children are supervised at all times.
  • Tauherenikau is situated on 100 acres with many areas after dark being inaccessible due to poor lighting. Please do not venture out into any areas after sunset.
  • Your site will be marked with a number and you will be advised of such. When backing or driving into your allocated space please be watchful of other vehicles and ensure that you stay within your boundaries of your allocated area.
  • In the event of any incident please report to the Secretary’s office found in the main stewards stand area. You will find a site map on the billboard at the front of the park pointing to this.
  • If no-one is available at the office please call 021 271 0364.